Florida State is Getting Screwed by the College Football Playoff Rankings

For years it seemed like all anyone could talk about was eliminating the BCS in college football. Now that our wishes have finally been granted it seems like the college football playoff rankings have come along with the same amount of controversy and discussion as the former BCS. The new college football playoff rankings were released and with that of course comes debate. There is a problem in college football in the fact that there will always be an argument for that last spot to get in the playoffs. For the most part the BCS got it right with the two championship teams almost every year. Yes, that includes the year Notre Dame was embarrassed by Alabama but had the hardest schedule in college football. I love the idea of expanding to give more teams a run at a national title because as we all know in sports the playoffs are a new season, a clean slate. What I simply can’t understand is why a loss at the beginning of a college football season is better than a loss towards the end.

The problem with these College Football Playoff Rankings are purely the rankings in itself. Simply, they’re dropping the ball with Florida State being #3 to this point. I don’t think there is a single debate that FSU is as good as the championship team from last year because they’re simply not. To this point what has Florida State done to deserve to be dropped in the rankings? Last time I checked Florida State plays in a power five football conference. Last time I checked they’re the ONLY undefeated team in a major football conference and besides Marshall the only undefeated team in Division 1-A.

Notre Dame v Florida State

Alabama after an intense game this week was the latest team to jump Florida State after a major win against the undefeated Mississippi State whom to that point was the only team deserving of #1 ahead of Florida State. The SEC is the deepest conference in all of college football and we all know that, yet that still does not crown any 1 loss or 2 loss SEC team as the best team in college football. Could they be? Absolutely.  At the same time though as demonstrated last year this same Florida State team was the best team in college football and they’re not an SEC team. Alabama to this point has only beaten 3 ranked teams (the same as Florida St.) and also lost to a ranked team. The Oregon Ducks are another team clearly deserving of being in the top four for the college playoffs but not more deserving of number two than Florida State. The Ducks alike have three victories against top 25 opponents with a loss to an unranked Arizona.

Jameis Winston has had his idiotic moments and been given some simple advice from Kevin Hart regarding this.

The integrity of the program has been in question multiple times in the past two seasons and quite frankly the past few decades. Multiple investigations and accusations have come to light. Regardless, even with suspensions, investigations, back-ups, and injuries this Florida State team has consistently won on the field. This is a 10-0 team regardless of their margin of victory. Since when is your point differential more important than the number of wins/losses in your stat line? Three victories against ranked opponents and no losses and they’re ranked #3 behind two 1 loss teams with the same amount of victories vs ranked opponents.

Virgina v Florida State

Mississippi State after their loss dropped to #4 and remained in the playoff picture because being ranked where they deserved at #1 gave them a little bit of wiggle room even with a loss. Unfortunately for this undefeated Florida State team if they were to lose in these final two games they will hands down drop out of the playoff picture. It’s no secret that you’re safer in college football if you get your loss out of the way early in the season as opposed to the end, even though a loss should simply be a loss. Florida State could lose their first game of the season to an unranked opponent and be 5-10 spots behind an Oregon team with a eerily comparable record, schedule, and results. The rankings are setting Florida State up for failure with their placement in the latest rankings and not allowing them the same opportunities that Mississippi State was deserving of and received. Whether it’s the drama that comes with Jameis, the ferocity that comes with Jimbo, or just the disappointment with the extracurricular events that surround the Seminoles team, there is bias when it comes to their ranking. The CFP rankings haven’t got it right to this point and have a lot of work to do. Florida State may not win the national title, they may not even make the national title, and they very well may not be the best team in college football as we may come to find out. The point is until they give you a reason to clearly say that they aren’t, you don’t punish this team for doing nothing but winning in a major conference.

Florida State v Louisville