Chris Bosh: The Underappreciated MVP Candidate

Sears Shooting Stars Competition 2014

Nine time all-star Chris Bosh is finally back where he belongs, as the centerpiece of a basketball team. Bosh is the most under appreciated basketball player of the past decade.  A superstar in the NBA and a workhorse on the block, time and time again Bosh has been overlooked and under accredited for the work he contributed en route to two NBA Championships in Miami. He has been ridiculed for being outplayed down low during his tenure in Miami, he has been called out for not posting big enough numbers while surrounded by two other stars, and most importantly he’s simply left out of superstar conversations that he has earned his right to be in.

Chris Bosh has defied odds since he entered the NBA

How quickly people forget things in this new era of sports. Let’s start from the beginning and talk about this lanky, quiet, kid named Chris Bosh that decided it was best to leave Georgia Tech after his freshman season.  Not only was he entering the NBA draft after his freshman season, he was entering one of the most stacked drafts of all time. Included in this draft were the likes of future teammates in Dwyane Wade, LeBron James and others such as Carmelo Anthony, Josh Howard, David West & Mo Williams.  Bosh was drafted 4th overall in that draft. I know draft position doesn’t mean you just become a good NBA player and that is evident when looking at draft picks such as Kwame Brown,  Michael Olawakandi,  and Darko Milicic (who was drafted two spots ahead of Bosh). Not only did Bosh get drafted in the top 5 amongst the likes of Melo and King James but he came in and performed.  Bosh was forced into playing out of position and filling in at center as a rookie in Toronto. Bosh was continuously mismatched and outsized and still found a way to contribute.

Chris Bosh becomes a SUPERSTAR

I tend to agree with the general public that the term superstar can be thrown around loosely in today’s sports era. One person that it wasn’t just given to though, was Chris Bosh. When Chris Bosh arrived in Toronto it was Vince Carters team. Bosh only got one full year to play with Carter before  he was traded to the New Jersey Nets and the rebuilding around Bosh was able  to commence. In Chris Bosh’s first four seasons his statistics improved convincingly each season from his 11.5 ppg/7.4 rpg statline that he was able to improve to 22.6/10.7.  As the Raptors realized the talent they had in Bosh they continuously tried to draft crucial role players to help him lead the Raptors to the promised land. One of these draft picks was Andrea Bargnani, drafted number one overall,  who was expected to come in and give Toronto one of the most powerful front courts in the NBA. Needless to say, that never happened and Bosh was forced to pick up slack in the Toronto front court on a team that was constantly shuffling players such as Jermaine O’neal, Shawn Marion, Jamario Moon in and out not giving the team any chance to get a rhythm and establish a team connection. By the 2009 season Chris Bosh had already earned 3 All-Star selections and set the Raptors franchise record for double doubles & offensive rebounds. The 2009-2010 campaign is when Chris Bosh truly solidified himself as one of the best in basketball.  Chris Bosh was able to record career highs in almost every single category including:

  • Points per game-24.0  (9th in NBA that season)
  • Field goal percentage-51% (18th in NBA that season)
  • 3 point field goal percentage-36%
  • Rebounds per game-10.8 (6th in NBA that season)

When you rank in the top 10 in the NBA in points scored and rebounds per game amongst the likes of the above link, your name deserves to be thrown into the superstar pot. Simply put, since the 2005-2006 NBA season until his departure to Miami, Chris Bosh was top 15 in points per game every season and was top 20 in rebounds every season. The three seasons preceding his departure to Miami he was top 10 in scoring, and the two seasons preceding his Miami departure he was top six in rebounds both years. There were only five players able to stay in the top 15 in points per game during that stretch. Those players were LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, Dirk Nowitzki , Kobe Bryant, and Chris Bosh.  That’s superstar company to be in.

East All-Star Chris Bosh (C-#4) of the T

Chris Bosh becomes “Irrelevant”

After all the information provided to you I’m hoping some of you people remember how much of a relevant player Chris Bosh was before departing Toronto for Miami. It wasn’t Smush Parker joining King James and the NBA scoring leader in Dwayne Wade in Miami. There’s a reason Chris Bosh was a part of “The big THREE”. This man was highly sought by teams throughout the league knowing how talented and productive he was. Bosh & Wade both took a hit to roles they’re used to having to take a backseat to the best player in the NBA. LeBron as well had to take a hit , financially and in terms of play to make his gameplay work with two other basketball players who have always had a team run through them. D-Wade even catches hell for “not doing enough” in Miami even though if the Heat would’ve beaten the Mavericks in that first title appearance he would’ve been the MVP.  Even with the hate Flash may catch none of it caps the amount of disrespect Chris Bosh receives. In FOUR years the big three went on to FOUR Finals appearances. Yet some still want to contribute all of the Heat success to LeBron. Let me state that I know LeBron was the biggest part of this amazing run the Heat went on, but NO player in NBA history has been able to lead his team to multiple Finals appearances as such without GREAT players to contribute. Not Jordan, Kobe, Magic, West, Isaiah, Duncan, and certainly not LeBron. It still blows my mind that Bosh can continuously be swept under the rug in this solid attempt at a dynasty and I question how people can forget things about this team

  • Chris Bosh is a power forward and for the majority of his career has had to make up for the lack of talent at the center position. In his four years at Miami he was playing down low with Joel Anthony.  Anthony is a blocking machine but lets be real, this man is not a good NBA center. Udonis Haslem has had some great postseason appearances but he is no factor to stop the likes of Tim Duncan, Dirk, and Tyson Chandler.  Chris Bosh was constantly outsized down low and still found a way to get the job done as much as he possibly could.
  • Chris Bosh continuously worked to develop his mid-range to outside jumper throughout his time in Miami. Each season not only did his FG% improve but he was able to improve his 3 point FG%  to 34% giving defenses yet another factor to gameplan for.

San Antonio Spurs v Miami Heat - Game One

  • Bosh is one of a few handful of big men in the NBA that will consistently switch off and guard a point guard on pic and rolls. Though this isn’t uncommon in the NBA it’s been drawn up for Bosh to switch because he can be successful and stick with the likes of elite NBA point guards.
  • The Miami Heat would have never won that second championship without Chris Bosh. Ray Allen gets all the glory for hitting that amazingly clutch three. Let’s not forget that LeBron James missed the first attempt and Bosh never gave up on the play and fought to give the Heat just one more chance at a title. Can you imagine the media if Bosh & Allen didn’t connect there?! LeBron James already heard nothing but how “Unclutch” he was and without that offensive rebound and three the Heat would’ve lost the series at the hands of LeBron James. Did I forgot the clutch block to seal the deal shortly after?

San Antonio Spurs v Miami Heat - Game 6

  • Chris Bosh is clutch. Since the 2012-2013 campaign Bosh is shooting 71% and 69% from deep in the final 5 minutes of games in which his team has a +/- 5 point differential. There’s no need for me to elaborate on this.

Chris Bosh has been berated time and time again by the media and by fans. He has never received his due credit. He is constantly called out on his physicality while competing with players bigger and stronger than him and continuously battles night and night again though he is undersized in many match ups. He gave up personal statistics without blinking an eye just to reach his ultimate goal of winning an NBA championship. Yes, it was his decision to join James and Wade in Miami but I can’t think of many players that would’ve quietly accepted the EXTREMELY diminished role Bosh had to deal with to start out. Once Bosh realized and accepted his role that would hurt his personal statistics he changed his game to contribute in any way, shape or form. Chris Bosh is now the centerpiece of a James-less Miami Heat offense. The talent to score is still there and now he can mesh being a number one option along with his developed jump shot, his defensive improvements, and his heart and determination that he exemplifies on the court. Chris Bosh will compete with his career best statistics this year and will be an MVP candidate come the end of the NBA season.  Let worldstar and the haters hate Chris Bosh, while they mock you for cheap laughs

while educated basketball fans will sit back and appreciate the greatness that will be rewarded with a Hall of Fame nomination one day


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