The Drake Effect Strikes Again

The new age of Hip-Hop just isn’t the same. When i say that I don’t mean Drake, Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole or any other artists. I mean the fans. Music has changed dramatically, the fan base has changed dramatically, and most importantly the reception has changed dramatically.

Over the weekend Drake dropped three tracks out of nowhere just as a nice treat to his fans. First of all I’m sure that these tracks were nothing more than extra throw away tracks as he continues to work towards a new album. If you haven’t listened to these songs yet go ahead and check them out and then continue on with this article.

Drake is going to be a legend in rap/hip-hop by the time he is done and anyone that tries to argue that is a fool. He makes music that is relatable & catchy, but still finds away to drop simple, yet hard hitting lines that make you go crazy.

At the same time Drake is not an unintelligent human being, he knows that phrase is true and that “Any publicity is good publicity”. This is part of the reason Drake is consistently mocked on twitter, vine, and other social media sites. If you don’t know what I’m talking about then I’m just going to assume you’ve been living rock and I’ll quickly try to catch you up.

Drake is one of the most relevant artists of the past 6 years so it’s not surprising for him to get the opportunity to go to all the best sporting events and get to hang with the most popular athletes. The way he acts is what bring him attention

I mean come on Drizzy! I understand your excitement hanging with these superstars, but you’re superstar too. As he stated in Thank Me Now “damn, I swear sports and music are so synonymous
’cause we wanna be them and they wanna be us” which may be a very true line, and then Drake just had to go out and warm up with the Kentucky basketball team at Midnight Madness and do this…..<script async src=”//” charset=”utf-8″></script>

First off why did Drake feel the urge to have to hang out and warm up with 18 & 19 year old college students? Let’s not let this distract us from the time he absolutely blew any chance he had at hosting another awards show or the time he blew in Lance Stephenson’s ear during the same show. Let’s especially not forget when his behind the scenes photo shoot from “No New Friends” sent the internet in hysteria with the memes that followed shortly after.

How can a rapper that is continuously mocked & poked fun at by the hip hop community still remain relevant & continue to dominate the charts? The answer is simply because he accepts it and hasn’t changed himself. Drake will continue to have fun with his life, get in the spotlight whenever possible, and whether positive or negative publicity comes from it, he will accept the main factor that is publicity. At least two or three times a year Drake “surprises” his fans with a few extremely average, if not sub-par songs and for the next month or two Drake is right back in rotation. Every album this man has put out is very good, and for the most part the majority of his singles and even just releases are pure gold. He has some of my favorite non album songs of any artist in recent years with Paris Morton Music, and 9 am in Dallas. The man is a truly talented artist that has convinced every young hip hop fan that everything he touches is gold before they even listen to the music.

Back to the three songs that were dropped this weekend my first question is why does Drake have all these damn voicemails? If anyone would be the one to literally hold on to all of these just in case it would definitely be Drizzy and he would use them for emotional support. “Heat of the moment” was nothing more than Marvin’s room or Trust Issues without the rap verse. The more and more I listen to this song I realize how much more enjoyable it would be with a simple rap verse shoved somewhere in there as opposed to Drake just singing himself to sleep. The other two songs that were released definitely upped the ante but still weren’t coming close to hard hitting album material everyone expects from Drake. Both of the other two were produced by Boi-1da which makes for a hard hitting beat in the first place and that was proven to be true. “How Bout Now” was a quick simple song of Drake stating the typical point of how women didn’t want him back then but now they’d love to be with him again. Only this time there’s nothing original or unique to make this song standout. “6 God” is a track that goes hard. The beat absolutely bumps but sadly the first 40 seconds of this song are the only good part. After the gunshots to start the track and listening to the first few bars I think this song is absolutely a hit considering it would be safe to assume that this is a quick response to Tyga’s opinion on Drake & Young Money which was exposed after Tyga revealed his plans to go independent. Sadly it was confirmed that this song was recorded months ago, therefore taking my potential excitement away and bringing me back to the fact that this is nothing more than a song with a good beat and no true meaning behind the lyrics.

The majority of hip-hop fans today could care less about lyrics and just want to hear something they can bump or dance to. To me that tarnishes the industry, the rap game, and is disrespectful to the greats that paved the way with their double entendre’s that led to the greats that we have today in Jay-Z, Eminem, Andre 300, Nas, etc. Drake has that capability & he’s expressed it throughout his career. Twitter blew up understandably after Drake released these songs, but the moment I realized that the “Drake Effect” had taken place again was when 9 hours later all you were seeing on twitter was a combination of “Drake” “CRAZY” “6God” and the fire emoji.

In the few short years Drake has been in the game he has branded himself. Drake will do “Drake be like” things and it will only continue to keep his name in rotation. He will drop discarded, sub-par singles at a time of the year when he hasn’t been musically referenced and it will remind everyone what they’re missing out on, unfortunately the music won’t be the reasaon, the name will be. Let’s be realistic, can anyone truly say that the damn catchy “Tuesday” song would’ve ever been able to grace our ears had Drizzy not co-signed it? The “Versace” remix would’ve remained as a statistic on hot new hip hop without a verse from Octobers very own and that verse was fantastic. I just hope going forward that people truly listen to the music first before formulating an opinion. The music is what matters, not the artist. In the mean time, touche Aubrey Graham, you have made yourself a hot topic on any and everything you touch and helped everyone to fall victim to the “Drake Effect”, including me for adding to the publicity with this article.


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