Dallas Cowboys 3 keys to victory

We’re less than a half an hour away from Monday night kickoff. The Cowboys have been picked to win across the board in this matchup against a less than stellar Washington Redskins team. I’ve said it over and over again, you can never underestimate a team in a Cowboys-Redskins matchup. This is one of the most storied rivalries in football and regardless who is good and who is bad both teams almost always come to play. The Redskins hate the Cowboys like no other, and they hate even more that the Cowboys are having new found success. Here’s my 3 keys to dominating and winning this football game.

1. Continue to run the ball but use Randle and Dunbar more

  • The Cowboys need to stick to this run/pass game balance that has led them to a 6-1 start. My only issue with this is Demarco’s durability. Lance Dunbar and Joseph Randle are not DeMarco and we all know that but these guys are very capable of helping this team. Let Murray run the ball and dominate as he has all season but take 4-8 of those 26.7 carries and distribute them amongst the other two. It sticks to your new running mindset but helps to preserve the league leading rusher.

2. Rush Colt McCoy all night

  • This is a QB who never had a fair shot as a starter in Cleveland. He was surrounded by an awful team and quite frankly he isn’t a bad quarterback. McCoy will come into this game not only hungry for a win but ready to show that he deserves another shot as a starter. Not to mention with RG3 being as injury prone as he is, he wants to lock up 2nd string over Kirk Cousins. The key to not letting Colt McCoy have a good night is to continuously pressure him. He hasn’t played enough snaps in recent years to be able to sustain a fast and consistent pass rush of bigger faster linebackers such as Justin Durant and Bruce Carter

3. Keep working Terrance Williams

  • Terrance Williams has had a stellar season to this point. Dez Bryant will always garner more attention and while that happens take advantage of the mismatch Terrance Williams gives you. In multiple games this year all the attention has been on Dez Bryant leaving Terrance Williams in easy 1 on 1 matchups in which he consistently has outshined defenses. Specifically in Seattle. As Terrance Williams continues to show out he begins drawing more defensive attention which in turn gives you the opportunity to go to none other than Dez down the stretch in the game. If Romo can work Williams and Witten for the first half unless he has Dez in an obvious 1 on 1 mismatch we have a good chance at seeing Dez throw up the X in the second half

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