The Chicago Bears are imploding

I don’t know what is going on with this Chicago Bears team. At the start of the 3rd quarter the Bears trail the Patriots 38-7. Jay Cutler has been less than spectacular to this point but this Defense is getting torched by Tom Brady. Every year there is a point in the season where Tom Brady is criticized and his play and age become questioned. Every year Tom Brady shuts everyone up. This Bears D is getting beat everywhere on the field by the very average New England receivers. Except for Gronk who’s returned to form with 3 TD’s today. He just embarrassed that Bears D yet again on a 45 yard TD pass in which he literally tossed Ryan Mundy off of him like a child.  Jonas Gray, not Shane Vereen is surprisingly leading the Patriots backfield.

This is going to be a long flight home for the Bears and there will be a very loud and emotional locker room after this performance. With talent like Brandon Marshall, Matt Forte, Alshon Jeffrey and Martellus Bennett there is NO reason at all that this team should only have 7 points. But there is also no reason the Patriots should have been able to board 45 points before the halfway point of the 3rd quarter. 25 first downs to this point and maybe the Cowboys record of allowing 40 to the Saints last season will be broken!! Lord I hope so. But for now I’m sure Jay Cutler is just thinking on how to fake an injury to avoid being the media’s centerpiece


Martellus Bennett just made me spill coffee all over myself. If you missed his pass interference filled, falling down, disgusting hands grab you missed out. Turn your TV on and wait for the replay, because that touchdown catch was NASTY.


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