Royal run will come to an end in San Fransisco

Okay, we’re all riding high on the Kansas City Royals train right now and whats not to love?! Lorenzo Cain has been the most exciting defensive player to watch in these playoffs. Eric Hosmer has been as clutch as you can be along this epic winning streak, and this team has given the city of Kansas City something to be excited about. No, the Chiefs making the playoffs after playing a sub-par schedule last year doesn’t count, we all knew they weren’t winning the Superbowl. This Royals team has exemplified showing true grit to win games. Quite frankly Ned Yost pretty much managed the Royals out of the playoffs in the first game against Oakland with his blasphemous pitching changes and the team found a way to battle back and win. Cue Salvador Perez for the walk off to advance the Royals to the ALDS. By the way Salvador Perez loves to piss off Lorenzo Cain, These two are the new Elvis Andrus & Adrian Beltre & its pure magic.

Next up was the Anaheim Angels but I’m skipping this series. Literally there’s not a single team that has been more disappointing in the past two seasons, they don’t even deserve my laptop battery, and I’m a nobody! That’s how disappointing they are.

The Orioles put up one heck of a battle although the 4-0 sweep may not say so. Simply put, the true grit & fighting mentality that I mentioned earlier was more than showcased in this series. Yet another extra inning win in Game 1 on a 10th inning home run by Alex Gordon. Game 2, guess what happened?! 2 runs in the top of the 9th for the win from the Royals. Game 3 was the battle of the series with the highlight being the best Derek Jeter impression that Mike Moustakas was able to muster up though the Royals would obviously pull out the win in a hard fought battle & in the next game would wrap it up at home in front of a more than thankful Kansas City baseball crowd. Don’t think these playoffs meant a lot to Kansas City fans? Tell that to Paul Rudd.

Now back to the topic of the article. While all of ^^^ is fun and exciting and grand, this series is over before it’s even started. I think the whole world is tired of hearing the “San Fransisco Giants” or the “St. Louis Cardinals” in October. In 2009 I was lucky enough to be in New York and witness the Yankees beat the Phillies in game 6 to win the world series. Since 2009, when I was sophomore in college, before I was legally allowed to drink, when people still liked Justin Bieber, there has not been another NL representative in the World Series besides the Cardinals or Giants. Baseball is a different world when it comes to the playoffs and especially the World Series. In the NFL you can come in as a wild card team and make a run for the title, and even defeat hands down the best team in the league (i.e. Giants over Patriots thanks to David Tyree and his silly putty). In Major League Baseball this just simply doesn’t happen often. Experience matters, the longevity of the series, the pressure of the autumn lights, it all accumulates and the more that you’ve been exposed to the October baseball gods, the more prepared you are to take home the title. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying this Royals team isn’t the real deal and can’t/won’t be back here in a year or two but for now I don’t trust them.

Buster Posey has won the World Series in 50% of his career. 50%!!!! When you can say that and you’ve played more than 2 seasons, you’re doing something right. Remember the idiotic rule change the MLB implemented where catchers can’t block the plate until they receive the ball? Thanks Buster!!!! Well one of the 4 complete seasons Buster Posey hasn’t won the World Series was that year when he was injured leading to the aforementioned rule change. As much as it pains me to say it, Buster Posey has a very Jeteresque feel to his career to this point. Without the “YEAH JEETS” epic story of course.  Bruce Bochy is a subtle genius in the San Fransisco dugout. He makes the right moves, and when he doesn’t he accepts fault and doesn’t make the same mistake again. Tim Hudson & Jake Peavy are veterans that may not have the stellar statistics but will not make dumb pitching mistakes in a series this big. Madison Bumgarner is the workhorse for this pitching staff that will open up this series. Also lets not forget that Timmy Lincecum is still with this team and if needed will come in and show out. The guy has done this before and dominated baseball for a number of years. Travis Ishikawa showed that he can handle the spotlight with his walk off to send the Giants to the World Series. Did I mention Ishikawa fits in with the “I’ve been here before” trend, circa 2010. Pablo Sandoval, been here before, circa 2010, 2012 (World Series MVP)

The Giants will be prepared, and comfortable come Tuesday night whereas the nerves could finally catch up with this young exciting Royals ball club. Sadly this talk only means one thing, and it’s hard to accept that the baseball season has already come to an end. Seems like just yesterday I remember growing up watching Derek Jeter play shortstop and making me daydream in…….You really thought I wouldn’t throw Jeters name in one more time in this whole post? Ha! Anyways, thank you to the Kansas City Royals for making this postseason so much fun to watch. Unfortunately I’m taking the Giants in 5, they’ve played much harder competition to get here and as the theme has been, they’ve done this before.

What do I know though, the Royals haven’t lost a playoff game since 1985.


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