Jenn Sterger with the tweet of 2014



Well Jenn Sterger snuck in and swiped the tweet of the year award last night after Peyton Manning’s record breaking 509th NFL touchdown pass. In case you’ve lived under a rock and don’t know why this tweet is so epically hilarious here’s all you need to know.

The beauty of this is that I can almost guarantee Sterger was sitting around for years smirking at the thought of dropping this bomb of a joke. Welp Peyton presented the opportunity and BOOM, pure hysteria. Not to mention a nice touch with the Harry Potter tribute. Touche Jenn Sterger you stole the show during one of the most important moments in football history. That, my friends is how you keep your name in media rotation.

Brett Favre probably accepted the loss on this battle and deleted his Twitter account, but in typical Brett Favre fashion he reappeared with a boring tweet of his own congratulating Peyton Manning. Dammit Brett give ESPN something to talk about and “@JenniferSterger”!


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