The Drake Effect Strikes Again

The new age of Hip-Hop just isn’t the same. When i say that I don’t mean Drake, Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole or any other artists. I mean the fans. Music has changed dramatically, the fan base has changed dramatically, and most importantly the reception has changed dramatically.

Over the weekend Drake dropped three tracks out of nowhere just as a nice treat to his fans. First of all I’m sure that these tracks were nothing more than extra throw away tracks as he continues to work towards a new album. If you haven’t listened to these songs yet go ahead and check them out and then continue on with this article.

Drake is going to be a legend in rap/hip-hop by the time he is done and anyone that tries to argue that is a fool. He makes music that is relatable & catchy, but still finds away to drop simple, yet hard hitting lines that make you go crazy.

At the same time Drake is not an unintelligent human being, he knows that phrase is true and that “Any publicity is good publicity”. This is part of the reason Drake is consistently mocked on twitter, vine, and other social media sites. If you don’t know what I’m talking about then I’m just going to assume you’ve been living rock and I’ll quickly try to catch you up.

Drake is one of the most relevant artists of the past 6 years so it’s not surprising for him to get the opportunity to go to all the best sporting events and get to hang with the most popular athletes. The way he acts is what bring him attention

I mean come on Drizzy! I understand your excitement hanging with these superstars, but you’re superstar too. As he stated in Thank Me Now “damn, I swear sports and music are so synonymous
’cause we wanna be them and they wanna be us” which may be a very true line, and then Drake just had to go out and warm up with the Kentucky basketball team at Midnight Madness and do this…..<script async src=”//” charset=”utf-8″></script>

First off why did Drake feel the urge to have to hang out and warm up with 18 & 19 year old college students? Let’s not let this distract us from the time he absolutely blew any chance he had at hosting another awards show or the time he blew in Lance Stephenson’s ear during the same show. Let’s especially not forget when his behind the scenes photo shoot from “No New Friends” sent the internet in hysteria with the memes that followed shortly after.

How can a rapper that is continuously mocked & poked fun at by the hip hop community still remain relevant & continue to dominate the charts? The answer is simply because he accepts it and hasn’t changed himself. Drake will continue to have fun with his life, get in the spotlight whenever possible, and whether positive or negative publicity comes from it, he will accept the main factor that is publicity. At least two or three times a year Drake “surprises” his fans with a few extremely average, if not sub-par songs and for the next month or two Drake is right back in rotation. Every album this man has put out is very good, and for the most part the majority of his singles and even just releases are pure gold. He has some of my favorite non album songs of any artist in recent years with Paris Morton Music, and 9 am in Dallas. The man is a truly talented artist that has convinced every young hip hop fan that everything he touches is gold before they even listen to the music.

Back to the three songs that were dropped this weekend my first question is why does Drake have all these damn voicemails? If anyone would be the one to literally hold on to all of these just in case it would definitely be Drizzy and he would use them for emotional support. “Heat of the moment” was nothing more than Marvin’s room or Trust Issues without the rap verse. The more and more I listen to this song I realize how much more enjoyable it would be with a simple rap verse shoved somewhere in there as opposed to Drake just singing himself to sleep. The other two songs that were released definitely upped the ante but still weren’t coming close to hard hitting album material everyone expects from Drake. Both of the other two were produced by Boi-1da which makes for a hard hitting beat in the first place and that was proven to be true. “How Bout Now” was a quick simple song of Drake stating the typical point of how women didn’t want him back then but now they’d love to be with him again. Only this time there’s nothing original or unique to make this song standout. “6 God” is a track that goes hard. The beat absolutely bumps but sadly the first 40 seconds of this song are the only good part. After the gunshots to start the track and listening to the first few bars I think this song is absolutely a hit considering it would be safe to assume that this is a quick response to Tyga’s opinion on Drake & Young Money which was exposed after Tyga revealed his plans to go independent. Sadly it was confirmed that this song was recorded months ago, therefore taking my potential excitement away and bringing me back to the fact that this is nothing more than a song with a good beat and no true meaning behind the lyrics.

The majority of hip-hop fans today could care less about lyrics and just want to hear something they can bump or dance to. To me that tarnishes the industry, the rap game, and is disrespectful to the greats that paved the way with their double entendre’s that led to the greats that we have today in Jay-Z, Eminem, Andre 300, Nas, etc. Drake has that capability & he’s expressed it throughout his career. Twitter blew up understandably after Drake released these songs, but the moment I realized that the “Drake Effect” had taken place again was when 9 hours later all you were seeing on twitter was a combination of “Drake” “CRAZY” “6God” and the fire emoji.

In the few short years Drake has been in the game he has branded himself. Drake will do “Drake be like” things and it will only continue to keep his name in rotation. He will drop discarded, sub-par singles at a time of the year when he hasn’t been musically referenced and it will remind everyone what they’re missing out on, unfortunately the music won’t be the reasaon, the name will be. Let’s be realistic, can anyone truly say that the damn catchy “Tuesday” song would’ve ever been able to grace our ears had Drizzy not co-signed it? The “Versace” remix would’ve remained as a statistic on hot new hip hop without a verse from Octobers very own and that verse was fantastic. I just hope going forward that people truly listen to the music first before formulating an opinion. The music is what matters, not the artist. In the mean time, touche Aubrey Graham, you have made yourself a hot topic on any and everything you touch and helped everyone to fall victim to the “Drake Effect”, including me for adding to the publicity with this article.


Los Angeles Kings @ Philadelphia Flyers Oct. 28, 7 p.m.

The Philadelphia Flyers look to continue a 2-game win streak against the Los Angeles Kings Oct. 28, at 7 p.m. in Philadelphia.

     However, the Kings look to continue a 6-game win streak by getting number 7 on the road. They have out-scored opponents 22-12 so far this season.
     After starting 1-3-2, the Flyers have reached .500 and are now 3-3-2 after defeating the Detroit Red Wings at home and the Pittsburgh Penguins on the road. Both wins were important for the team, the coach and playoff hopes.
     Playoff hopes? Isn’t it only the fourth week of the National Hockey League sesason?
     Yes, however the key to the Flyers success this season lies in the ability to win games, and consistently. Backup goalie Ray Emery was the net-minder during the last two wins.
     But how can you blame goaltending? Coach Craig Berube seems to view the goalie as one of the key aspects of his team.
     However, the goalie doesn’t exactly win games. The Flyers’ problem lies on the defensive side of the rink, as well as generating plays that put the puck in front of the net. They were out-shot 37-17 in the 4-2 win against the Red Wings.
     With Los Angeles players like Dustin Brown, Jeff Carter and Marian Gaborik, look for the Flyers to try to keep the puck away from the goaltender.
     Key players on the Flyers offensive side will be Wayne Simmonds and captain Claude Giroux.
Simmonds has started the season with 5 goals and 2 assists in 8 games. Giroux has 2 goals and 8 assists thus far, and both players will be looking to add to these statistics tonight.
    Key players for the Los Angeles Kings will be centers Jeff Carter and Tyler Toffoli. Carter has started the season with 5 goals and 7 assists. Toffoli has now racked up 4 goals and 8 assists.
Game Notes:
-The Kings are 38-80-16 all time against the Flyers.
-The Kings are 1-8-1 in their last 10 games on the road against the Flyers.
-The Flyers have scored 9 goals in their last two games, being out-shot 62-50.
-After starting 0-1-1, the Kings have now won 6 straight.
-The Kings currently sit in second of the Western Pacific Division. The Flyers are currently sitting in second to last of the Eastern Metropolitan Division.
Story by:
Joseph Markle
Indiana University of Pennsylvania ’15
Journalism Major

Rivalry renewed & weaknesses exposed in a daunting Cowboys loss

What a game, what a game. First off let me say that I, in no way shape or form, want to take credit away from this Redskins team who came in and beat us in our own house. Yup, I’m one of those guys who says “us” as if I’m on the Cowboys. This game was gritty, this game was hard hitting, and this game was filled with a hell of a lot of heart. This game was also filled with some major major major major major mistakes by both teams, but most importantly by the division leading Dallas Cowboys. As I stated in my post minutes prior to the game, this was set up to be a trap game. Colt McCoy was fighting for respect, the skins hate the Cowboys more than life itself, and regardless of records these teams will ALWAYS battle.

I’m going to get right into it and simply say that the Cowboys offense is what lost them this game. Flipping it respectively it could very well be that the Redskins defensive scheme/play calling, etc. is what won them this game and made the young, talented offensive line look like children on that field tonight.

This game started out with some intensity on both sides of the ball. DeMarco Murray got popped the first time he touched the ball, further reinforcing the fact that this game would be a battle. The first drive of the game on 3rd and 5 the Redskins sent a fierce blitz which sent Tony Romo tumbling to the ground. Touche Redskins, you got one over on possibly the best O-Line in the NFL. Boy were we in for a shocker, let’s fast forward to the next offensive Cowboys possession. 3rd and 8 for the Cowboys and here comes another major defensive blitz for a sack. Hmmm, the, to this point in the season, awful Redskins D came to play. Time and time again tonight this Redskins defense confused the Cowboys offensive line and Tony Romo to no extent. Romo throughout his career has been a fantastic quarterback in terms of recognizing defensive disguise. Tonight even Romo’s normally fantastic audibles weren’t clicking. As much as I hate the damn guy that I think is the dirtiest player in the league in Brandon Meriweather, he was a complete monster vs this Cowboys team tonight. 7 tackles, 2 sacks, and a forced fumble.

I’m not done with this offense one bit yet, Time and time again, 3rd down after 3rd down blitz’s were sent. The Cowboys never adjusted throughout the course of this game. Let me remind you that this is a team leading the league in 3rd down conversions with a 65% conversion rating and they just got completely lost. As I said before credit should be given to this defense as well but if you want to be known as the best in the league you damn sure better be able to pick up and adjust to defenses that are throwing elaborate schemes at you. The worst part of the blitz’s were the fact that players were getting in UNTOUCHED. There were multiple plays where DeMarco Murray, Joseph Randle, and Lance Dunbar dropped the ball on picking up that block to give Tony Romo those few extra seconds. Tyron Smith who is probably the best young offensive lineman in the league got beat outside on multiple occasions.

Turnovers. Turnovers. Turnovers. As AMAZING as DeMarco Murray has been this year, this man just cannot seem to stop fumbling the football. Gary Brown, the Williamsport Area High School fellow alumni that he is to me, needs to go Denzel Washington/Herman Boone on this amazing young talent. “You fumble the football, and i will break my foot off in your John Brown hind parts and then you will run a mile. Perfection. Let’s go to work.” DeMarco’s ONLY flaw to this point in the season has been holding on to the ball. Early in the 2nd quarter on a beautiful checkdown pass in which DeMarco showcased his downhill running speed, he trucked through a defender and continued to battle for the extra yard. The problem here is the fact that it he made it to the Washington 8, he’s now surrounded by 4 Washington defenders and is not going to score. Take the 36 yards you just gained and GO DOWN. This man has been exceptional at every aspect of the game this season and I admire his heart and commitment to the endzone but if you continuously give these players an opportunity to strip you, they’re going to. Let’s also not forget Joseph Randle fumbling the ball in Dallas territory after yet another beautiful checkdown from Romo.

Now it’s time to give Colt McCoy (HOOK ‘EM) some credit for what he came into and what he was able to do. Being a Texas Longhorns fan it was so hard to cheer against someone who made my teenage years as a college football fan. This is a guy who had no fair shot in Cleveland, and never truly got to shine in the NFL. McCoy isn’t the future of any NFL franchise but this guy deserves a shot. He had some very questionable plays and missed a few receivers in the first half of this game. Colt erased the value of the Joseph Randle fumble when he through an awful lob ball to the endzone and had it intercepted by CJ Wilcox. Throughout the game it seemed as if McCoy continued to improve, become more comfortable, and truly run that offense. The best play of McCoys night to me was his 5 wide WR quarterback draw that gave Washington the lead in the 4th quarter. It showed that, a guy who started the season as a 3rd string QB, came to play.

Every Cowboys fan in the world held their breath when Tony Romo was taken down awkwardly with 7:59 left in the 3rd quarter on yet another sack. We sat there watching Romo lay flat on his back in clearly uncomfortable pain. As If that wasn’t bad enough, the whole quarter that we were forced to sit there and wonder what was going on in the locker room made it even worse. The scare of what looked like a potential season ending injury made us Cowboys fans realize how much that man truly means to this team. Now, Brandon Weeden gets the ball of the damn game for the Cowboys. Weeden, being the 72 year old quarterback that he is, came into the game unexpectedly and sure as hell performed. Weeden led a drive that SHOULD’VE ended with a Dez Bryant touchdown but we’ll touch on that later. Weeden was 4/6 with a TD and made every simple play to put the Cowboys in a position to win the game. When forced to go to your backup in a situation such as tonight, you literally cannot ask for more. The best part of Weeden’s time in the game is the fact that the Cowboys actually stuck to their balanced run/pass gameplan. The run the ball and then go play action is what helped Weeden connect with Jason Witten on the game tying touchdown pass.

Dez Bryant is my favorite Cowboys player. I want this new contract done more than anything in the world and I love how much this kid has grown in a few short years. His pure athletic ability, heart, and grit was showcased on his 5 yard touchdown pass in which he made a one-handed snag, avoided 2 defenders and battled for the endzone. Here’s the problem with me criticizing Dez at all for his performance. When you are as reliable, consistent, and talented as Dez Bryant, us as fans generate unfair expectations of players. There are going to be off games, there are going to be drops, and there are going to be games like tonight. My MVP of the Redskins defense is Bashaud Breeland. This ROOKIE had the daunting task of taking on Dez Bryant 1 on 1 for the majority of the game and did a damn good job. This is a matchup you expect to torch the opposing defense on and the seven targets Dez Bryant did receive just weren’t enough. While I applaud the performance of Breeland you cannot ignore the crucial drops that Dez Bryant had tonight. In the end zone Dez Bryant dropped what shouldve been an easy TD pass that he allowed to get into his chest. 9 out of 10 times Dez Bryant catches that ball and tonight was the lone number.

The Cowboys found multiple ways to throw this game away but at the same time these Redskins deserve some credit for coming out against what was perceived to be & let’s be realistic, is a much better team, and winning the football game. Tony Romo gave Cowboys Nation a major scare. DeMarco Murray continued his amazing play with 221 total yards in an unfortunate loss. By the way I still am trying to figure out how you let Murray rush for 8 yards on first down in OT and don’t rush again on 2nd, 3rd, or 4th down…..? Did Jason Garrett steal the play calling duties back? Regardless, this was a test the Cowboys did not pass. Is this team legit? Yes. Plenty of work needs to be done, and it needs be done quick. A very tough Arizona team is coming into town next week and in a few short weeks the top division competition that is the Philadelphia Eagles will be upon us. Take this loss, learn from it on all cylinders and get back on this horse. At the end of the day this Cowboys team is 6-2 and in an amazing position to continue on with a great season, but there are lessons to be learned from this game and to be considered the perennial contending powerhouse that they’d like to be, there’s still alot of work to be done in big D.

Dallas Cowboys 3 keys to victory

We’re less than a half an hour away from Monday night kickoff. The Cowboys have been picked to win across the board in this matchup against a less than stellar Washington Redskins team. I’ve said it over and over again, you can never underestimate a team in a Cowboys-Redskins matchup. This is one of the most storied rivalries in football and regardless who is good and who is bad both teams almost always come to play. The Redskins hate the Cowboys like no other, and they hate even more that the Cowboys are having new found success. Here’s my 3 keys to dominating and winning this football game.

1. Continue to run the ball but use Randle and Dunbar more

  • The Cowboys need to stick to this run/pass game balance that has led them to a 6-1 start. My only issue with this is Demarco’s durability. Lance Dunbar and Joseph Randle are not DeMarco and we all know that but these guys are very capable of helping this team. Let Murray run the ball and dominate as he has all season but take 4-8 of those 26.7 carries and distribute them amongst the other two. It sticks to your new running mindset but helps to preserve the league leading rusher.

2. Rush Colt McCoy all night

  • This is a QB who never had a fair shot as a starter in Cleveland. He was surrounded by an awful team and quite frankly he isn’t a bad quarterback. McCoy will come into this game not only hungry for a win but ready to show that he deserves another shot as a starter. Not to mention with RG3 being as injury prone as he is, he wants to lock up 2nd string over Kirk Cousins. The key to not letting Colt McCoy have a good night is to continuously pressure him. He hasn’t played enough snaps in recent years to be able to sustain a fast and consistent pass rush of bigger faster linebackers such as Justin Durant and Bruce Carter

3. Keep working Terrance Williams

  • Terrance Williams has had a stellar season to this point. Dez Bryant will always garner more attention and while that happens take advantage of the mismatch Terrance Williams gives you. In multiple games this year all the attention has been on Dez Bryant leaving Terrance Williams in easy 1 on 1 matchups in which he consistently has outshined defenses. Specifically in Seattle. As Terrance Williams continues to show out he begins drawing more defensive attention which in turn gives you the opportunity to go to none other than Dez down the stretch in the game. If Romo can work Williams and Witten for the first half unless he has Dez in an obvious 1 on 1 mismatch we have a good chance at seeing Dez throw up the X in the second half

The 2014 Pittsburgh Steelers: Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

What is going on with this Pittsburgh Steelers team? I think it’d be hard to find a single Steelers fan that doesn’t have high blood pressure due to the inconsistency the Steel Curtain has shown this season. This is a team that struggled with the Jacksonville Jaguars and were able to pull out an 8 point win in a game which the Jags had multiple opportunities to capitalize on and failed. This same team had to muster out a very tough season opening battle against the Browns at home. Unfortunately, 6 weeks later they were embarrassed in Cleveland 31-10. This was a game in which they were just simply outplayed on both sides of the ball. Each team committed a turnover but the Browns were able to provide a more than productive offense against the usually tough black and yellow defense and Big Ben was never able to find a rhythm. Let’s also not forget the spanking that division foe Baltimore laid on them on their way to a 26-6 victory and then a loss at home against the woefully awful Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Relax friends and fellow alumni, this isn’t a Pittsburgh bashing article. The Steelers have only lost 3 games but If you look at those losses mentioned above and the Jaguars game they struggled to win wouldn’t you think it’s safe to assume that this team just isn’t good? Wrong. This team has been amazingly inconsistent but it’s what shows in their wins that should have other teams nervous. Before this week the Steelers hadn’t won two straight games further showing their inconsistency. As I mentioned before the Browns win week 1 was a tough win to pull out but they showed resilience. This game should’ve been over at halftime when they held a 27-3 lead. The Browns found a way to pick and pick away and make it interesting but the game winning field goal as time expired sealed it. The next victory Pittsburgh recorded was when they ran into Carolina and TROUNCED that Panthers squad. Now before anyone tries to criticize this win, being it that we’ve come to find out Carolina isn’t good, this Carolina team was 2-0 with a victory against a brand new Tampa Bay team in week 1 that hadn’t completely fallen apart yet, and a now very good Detroit Lions team that they beat bad. This victory deserves credit and alot of it given the situation. The Steelers had Le’Veon Bell and LeGarette Blount both run for over 100 yards showing a potential two headed running back monster that could emerge. A victory against the Texans was won almost primarily in the 2nd quarter with the ridiculous momentum swing that took place when the Steelers scored 21 points within the final 2 minutes of the half. Then we have yesterday and the record setting 522 yard, 6 TD performance Big Ben put on in Pittsburgh. This Colts team was widely considered a top 3 NFL team. The Colts offense was the best in the league by far and coming into week 8 guess who led the league in passing yard, yup, Andrew Luck. The Colts defense had only allowed more than 28 points twice in 7 games and both came in tough losses. My point here is that many NFL teams would’ve been intimidated, Pittsburgh was not. This team came in prepared and ready to make a statement and their offense did just that, especially Antonio Brown being the freak athlete that he is. Even William Gay was playing good! William Gay never plays good!

In each of Pittsburgh’s losses this week Le’Veon Bell hasn’t run the ball more than 20 times while Ben has thrown 37+ times in each of those contests. When you’re down big in the 2nd quarter you don’t need to go straight to a “passing comeback” mentality. There is still plenty of game left to stick to your balanced offense. Le’Veon Bell is 3rd in the NFL in rushing, allow him to help carry this team and feed him the ball. Heath Miller when healthy brings a Jason Witten like feel to this offense. He’s not fast but he’s big, strong, rarely drops passes and will fight until the end on every single play. The Steelers defense is very suspect to me but it’s the Steelers defense. At any point they can explode into a turnover machine and for them to be the contending team I think they can be, that needs to happen. Antonio Brown is something else. He’s led the team in receiving every week and get this, he only has ONE game this season with less than 90 receiving yards. That game he put up 84. He ranks 2nd in the league in receiving yards by a minimal 14 yards. The league leader is T.Y. Hilton via Andrew Luck whom Big Ben and Brown were able to outshine this week. Brown has also found the end zone 7 times this season and also has an additional passing touchdown. This kid can do it all. As for Ben, we’ve seen what he can do. He infuriates Steelers fans regularly by holding onto the ball too long. The bottom line is that Big Ben is a playmaker, he’s a team player and he’s willing to lay his body on the line for this team. Big Ben never gets the credit he deserves for being a consistently good and relevant QB in this league and he may just have another run left in him. Mike Tomlin is Mike Tomlin, he’s a phenomenal coach, a great player coach, and man that dude has the crispiest hairline in all of the NFL.

The rest of the schedule for the Steelers is very favorable. They have to visit 3 very bad teams in the Falcons, Jets, and Titans. They also get to avoid tough road games with Kansas City & New Orleans visiting western PA. This Steelers team runs on momentum, when they’re hot they’re almost unstoppable. Heinz Field is never a place you want to allow them to gain momentum. Once the towels start to wave and Renegade begins to blare across the stadium it’s already too late.

The Chicago Bears are imploding

I don’t know what is going on with this Chicago Bears team. At the start of the 3rd quarter the Bears trail the Patriots 38-7. Jay Cutler has been less than spectacular to this point but this Defense is getting torched by Tom Brady. Every year there is a point in the season where Tom Brady is criticized and his play and age become questioned. Every year Tom Brady shuts everyone up. This Bears D is getting beat everywhere on the field by the very average New England receivers. Except for Gronk who’s returned to form with 3 TD’s today. He just embarrassed that Bears D yet again on a 45 yard TD pass in which he literally tossed Ryan Mundy off of him like a child.  Jonas Gray, not Shane Vereen is surprisingly leading the Patriots backfield.

This is going to be a long flight home for the Bears and there will be a very loud and emotional locker room after this performance. With talent like Brandon Marshall, Matt Forte, Alshon Jeffrey and Martellus Bennett there is NO reason at all that this team should only have 7 points. But there is also no reason the Patriots should have been able to board 45 points before the halfway point of the 3rd quarter. 25 first downs to this point and maybe the Cowboys record of allowing 40 to the Saints last season will be broken!! Lord I hope so. But for now I’m sure Jay Cutler is just thinking on how to fake an injury to avoid being the media’s centerpiece


Martellus Bennett just made me spill coffee all over myself. If you missed his pass interference filled, falling down, disgusting hands grab you missed out. Turn your TV on and wait for the replay, because that touchdown catch was NASTY.

If only relationships were as simple as Minute Rice

Time to get a little in depth and examine one of the most confusing aspects of life as we know it. When and how is it acceptable in today’s society to approach a woman or man with sincere interest? Better yet, how do you meet a potential significant other post college? Ladies, believe it or not, these are conversations us guys have on a regular basis. I’m currently in one of those annoying group texts discussing the topic right now with six single men. I’m not sure if the so called dating scene has transformed from what it was once perceived as or if it is just another stage of growing up and seeing the difficulty of finding a soulmate for what it truly is.

Now, let’s investigate this topic a bit:

  • Ladies, when you are out and wearing nothing but half of a napkin with a piece of a pillowcase as your outfit, we’re going to look. To this day I do not understand how women can get mad at guys for staring at what you show off. There’s a reason you put on that halter top, bando, and that pair of undies you got during the PINK sale, “just in case”. You want the attention, and when you get it, it’s “creepy or weird”. No. You wanted to look attractive, you just didn’t want THAT guy to find you attractive. Now you’ve embarrassed this poor guy in front of his friends because he mustered up the confidence to come try to dance with you and you laughed in his face.
    • The lesson here:Just because we might give you a double or triple check, it’s a compliment. It’s credit being given to you for making yourself attractive which is EXACTLY what you wanted. I hear alot of women talk about how guys are “pigs” and only care about looks but when you shoot a completely personable guy down because he’s not attractive enough for you, you’re being a hypocrite.
  • Next topic: Guys, don’t hover over a girl at the bar or dance floor when she has clearly refuted your every attempt to strike up a conversation. Whether or not I agree or disagree with a girls decision on how she perceives me based off my physique, I still know when to lay off. I’ve seen guys EARN the “creep” title plenty of times. There’s times where guys resemble a snarling slobbering bulldog just salivating as if that daughter of someone is a piece of meat, and it’s pathetic. There’s a way to approach women, and bluntly telling them that you’re going to take them home is going to earn you nothing more than a girl worthy of forcing a trip to “Go see the doctor” as Kool Moe Dee once demonstrated.
    • The lesson here gentlemen: You cannot throw shade at ladies for being stuck up if you’re literally offering nothing more than your debit card to make up for your lack of personality or respect
  • In college you are surrounded by nothing but men & women your age. Leaving college is a complete and utter culture shock in every aspect but most importantly when it comes to the people you encounter everyday. You go from seeing attractive men/women that you may have potential interest in, to your nursing home clients that are so amazingly sweet, but aren’t going to contribute to your happiness for the rest of your life. This arises the question for me in which I question how much more difficult you made it on yourself to find a partner. Now, I completely understand you don’t force something that just wasn’t working, or wasn’t there, but statistically it literally made the search harder right? I mean we all have an age, type, and style we’re looking for clearly. Where better to find that than in a college town where the majority of the population fits into that age range and you have less intruding “outliers’ (We’re going to call our parents generation the outliers here) interrupting that perfect timing to meet your prince charming or Cinderella?
  • Today’s society is very unique in the way we view the most simplistic acts. There’s always another view taken on a subject, another perspective given (as I’m currently demonstrating), and someone waiting to knock you down instead of encouraging you. If I see an attractive woman at the local coffee shop and wanted to offer to buy her coffee as my opportunity to introduce myself and do a kind, genuine, gesture why would many females out there be taken aback? Why would so many of you wish that you had a girlfriend with you to avoid the conversation or instinctively jump into a lie of an “I have someone back at home” excuse to avoid simply meeting someone new that could potentially be all you were asking for?
    • Yes, I know I just criticized guys buying girls drinks at the bar, and then talked about how women can’t accept a simple coffee. The answer is in that sentence. There’s a huge difference between a guy completely wasted trying to show off his wallet as opposed to a man having the confidence to approach a woman in a coffee shop and breaking out his crumpled dollar bills to pay for an 8 dollar Starbucks espresso that some women will somehow twist into us guys continuously being misogynistic.
  • Back to the men. Let’s not be sexist and let’s flip the script. I want you to think very hard about this because it’s a serious problem. If a woman approached you the same way in a coffee shop with nothing more than showing interest in your looks and wanting to possibly get to know you, what is the first thing you’re doing? As soon as that woman walks away that phone is already out and a “Awe damn, This girl just wanted me so bad” text is going out to the boys and we all know it.

Those few scenarios are the most simplistic of cases we experience now days and that barely cracks the ice. Now days when infidelity is more common than loyalty what is one to expect? How can one truly expect to find true happiness with a significant other? At the end of the day the world can be a very ugly place. Men & women will forever have to deal with trust issues that were not brought upon themselves but rather insecurities brought upon from a previous relationship. Movies, television, and the media have created an unrealistic view of meeting “The One” that is just purely unattainable.

This brings us back to our original question how do you meet that perfect match? How do you approach that beautiful woman or man on the street without coming off as creepy? What if they could’ve been the one?

The answer is simple: there is no answer. Life is nothing more than risks, chances, and regrets. You may risk your heart approaching whom may be that special one, you may be taking a chance on a completely different lifestyle, but you know that you will never regret letting the opportunity pass you by.